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Saoirse Ronan sing "Tell me" -- 莎柔丝.罗南唱的“告诉我”,收录在专辑《丢失的河》里的第一首歌, 由约翰尼.基唯录制。

直译 : 我会永远在你身边 直到最后一刻 如果你不离开我 稍稍转译一下就是 : 我永远不会在你抛弃我之前离开你~ 或者再转译成某句经典 : 我爱你直到你不爱我了为止 (小牵强~) 希望对你理解有帮助 具体再意会一下就好了~

1 Angle Spend all your time waiting for that second chance用全部的时间等待第二次机会 For a break that would make it OK 因为逃避能使一切更好...


歌曲名:You Will Never Leave Me 歌手:Sidewalk Prophets 专辑:These Simple Truths Sidewalk Prophets - You Will Never Leave Me You may find me in the midnight Fallen down upon my knees Or riding out another storm Praying for some p...

Wham! - Careless Whisper I feel so unsure 我心中忐忑 As I take your hand 在我牵着你的手 and lead you to the dance floor 走向舞池之时 ...


There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me 在你眼中真实的述说着 你从未离开过我

Artist : Nu Virgos I don’t know what I did wrong I din’t know what to do I had luck with everything And all but my love I don’t know what of my destiny What it’s gonna be i don’t know - no I don’t know what I did wrong I don’t ...

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