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Saving Wild Animals(含翻译) 英语四级作文题目: Saving Wild Animals 保护野生动物 ---------------------- Directions: Write a composition entitled Saving Wild Animals. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline...

wild animals:野生动物。 例句: A collection of live wild animals on exhibition.动物展览活的野生动物的展览 Wild animals don't breed well in captivity.野生动物圈养时不好繁殖。 Tracking wild animals requires great stealth.跟踪野...

Hello,everyone, I am very glad to give a speech today.The topic of my speech is the animal.I always think that animals are the friends of our human beings.They are not so complicated as our people,and they can always bring us p...


wild animals:野生动物。例句:A collection of live wild animals on exhibition.动物展览活的野生动物的展览Wild animals don't breed well in captivity.野生动物圈养时不好繁殖。Tracking wild animals requi...

among 在什么之间

My favourite wild animal is panda,because them very friendly and lovely,so them is my favourite wild animal.Panda love eat bamboo.

We should learn about wild animals.我们应该了解有关野生动物的情况。 供您参考!谢谢!

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