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你为啥喜欢它 i like it because its very cute!我喜欢它因为它很可爱

why do you like it? 翻译是:你为什么喜欢它? 回答是:Because it is +原因。 举例:Why do you like basketball? —Because I think it's interesting.你为什么喜欢篮球?——因为它很有趣。

你好! Why do you like it 你为什么喜欢它?

我爱我家I love my home

Ilike.Becauselilianjieismyfavouriteman.Ilikehisspirit.Helookslikeasuperman.Butthemostimportantisthisfilmisbasedonhistoryofhuoyuanjia.HuoyuanjiaisheroandChinaproundofhuoyuanjia..... 写多少字啊? 满意请采纳

Everybody likes music. When we walk we listen to music; when we work, we listen to music; and even when we sleep, we listen to it. Why we human beings are so obsessed about music? I think the reason is simple. First of all, mus...

《secret love Song》 歌手:Little Mix / Jason Derulo 专辑:Get Weird When you hold me in the street 当你在街上与我相拥 And you kiss me ...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 你为什么喜欢春节?

Youth is the eye lotus spring, third year is that this eye expansion of bubbling spring season. I, however, a strong smell in the bubble years of the Problem taste. I do not exclude these

when I was in school, I like sports television programs. I was good in football dribbling and I was a striker in the school team. I like the football league matches telecasted in the television. My favourite football team was L...


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