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你想吃什么 例句: "What would you like to eat?" — "Anything'll do me, Eva." “你想吃什么?”-“我吃什么都行,伊娃。” 相当于: What are you in the mood for? What do you want to eat? What would you like?

意思 你想吃点什么 1,这是询问吃东西的重要句式 would like 为何用would呢? (表示意志)愿,要;偏要 I told her to stop nagging,but she just wouldn't listen. 我叫她别再唠叨,可她就是不听. 2,would like 后加动词不定式 to 加 动名词 3,相...


这是因为: would like to=want,意思都是“想要”

I would like eat banana

一、用简单英语解释句子。(这个其实就是写出同义句) 1.What would you like to eat? What food do you like? 2.How old is your sister? What's the age of your sister ? 3.What's your father's height? How tall is your father ? 4.My frien...

you like to eat clocks 你喜欢吃钟

What would you like to eat 你喜欢吃什么 例句: 1. Mr. rice, what would you like to eat? 莱斯先生,你想吃点什么? 2. What would you like to eat for thanksgiving? 感恩节你喜欢吃什么? 3. Officer milo, what would you like to eat? ...

would英音:[wud]美音:[wud] 助词 v.aux. 1.(will的过去式,表示过去将来时)将 She said she would come. 她说过她会来的。 2.(表示意志)愿,要;偏要 I told her to stop nagging, but she just wouldn't listen. 我叫她别再唠叨,可她就是不听。 ...

口语直接说想吃的东西就可以了,比如: Orange, please. 书面语就要完整一些: I would like to have orange, please.


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