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up to now同义词

up till now的同义词 up to now

What are you busy with?

Are you busy now?

now 同义词: at once immediately presently right away today


句型为it is time( for sb.) to do sth. 所以同义句为:it's time for me to go toschool now.

now and then的同义词组有: once in a while from time to time on rare occasions at times sometimes sporadically periodically occasionally now and again once in a while on occasion in some cases every so often

原句: lt is raining now . 这句话的意思:现在正在下雨。 同义句: It's rainy now . rain 有动词用法,也有名词用法,这里是动词用法。进行时表示正在下雨。rainy是形容词,下雨的意思。

out of date,outmoded,old-fashioned,obsolete,past the appointed time,behind the times,Antiquated,out of fashion, 过时的意思

Don't cross the road now. 现在不要过马路。 同义句: Don't cross the street now. Don't cross the road right this moment. 换种方式可以说: Crossing the road now is not allowed. You should cross the road later. You should wait for...


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