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two mAn AnD A Dog 言语什么意思

two man and a dog 中文意思是:两个人和一只狗 也可以读作:Two people and a dog two 英 [tu:] 美 [tu] n. 两个;两个东西;两点钟;一对 adj. 两个的;我同 num. 两个;二;第二 复数: twos man 英 [mæn] 美 [mæn] n. 男人;人类;男子汉;...


用来做离开或者缺席的借口(例如出去上厕所、买包烟,避免了尴尬有没有)。例如在约会时,男生突然内急了,就可以说:I gotta go see a man about a dog(说完直接走,不用再解释,但一般过一会儿就要回来)

在外国,dog 是夸奖的意思, a dog man指的是一个幸运的人 如every dog has its day 1.人人皆有得意日 Every dog has its day 1.每个人都会有飞黄腾达的日子

good好,好的 a一,一个 pair对 .dog.狗 man男人 and.和 women女人,女士

B A man walked into a pet shop one day with a large and very ugly dog. It had long hair, short legs, no tail and a very wet nose. “Good morning, sir,” the owner of the pet shop said. “How can I help you?” “I want to sell this d...


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Outside of a dog,a book is man's best friend.Inside of a dog,it's too dark to read. 出自 Groucho Marx (格劳乔·马克斯 ,一位喜剧演员)的名言。 要翻译这句话,需要先理解这句话的含义。 有个典型的说法“狗是人类最好的朋友”,那么,如...

Once upon a time,是“从前”的意思。 在句中做时间。英语中叫做时间状语。 a man met a dog and wanted it to help him in the fight against other animals and he found that the dog listined to him and did what he told him to. 这个句子很...


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