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歌曲名:You Only Live Twice歌手:John Barry专辑:You Only Live Twice - SoundtrackYou only live twiceOr so it seemsOne life for yourself and one for your dreamsYou drift through the yearsAnd life seems tameTill one dream appears and love is

Twice - Little Dragon两小龙Twice I turn my back on you两次我把我背你I fell flat on my face but didn't lose我倒在我的脸上却没有失去Tell me where would I go告诉我,我会去

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You ve been all around the world then search for life/and have been lying on the bad time flow to mine/unless like you are always first to ask/daddy used to say that after this is a chat/yeah yeah yeah yeah/we are always gonna make it/we never have to

歌曲名:Chosen Twice歌手:Dream Evil专辑:The Book of Heavy MetalChosen TwiceDream EvilThe Book Of Heavy MetalDream Evil--Chosen Twice--lndjove--Just who do we think that we are, anywayI leave it to you, Assume awayIt's Better to

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