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turtle 英 [ˈtɜ:tl] 美 [ˈtɜ:rtl] n. [动]龟;[动]海龟 vi. 捕海龟,捕鳖;(船等)翻没,倾覆 frog 英 [frɒg] 美 [frɔ:g] n. 青蛙;〈侮辱〉青蛙佬,对法国人的蔑称;[交]铁路辙叉;饰扣,挂环

The one mouthful discards to live a frog in well.One day, the frog met with 1 to come from the nautical mile by the side of the well of big turtle. Frog boast to say to the sea turtle: "You see, I live to have another a happine...


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