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you turn the tables 你转败为胜 turn the tables 转弱为强, 转败为胜 She played badly in the first set, but then she turned the tables on her opponent and won the match. 第一局她打得很糟, 可是后来她扭转局势赢了这场比赛。 In the pr...

扭转局面, 转败为胜 turn the tables 扭转形势 例句: His whole mind was concentrated on one thing only- how to turn the tables on the enemy. 他的整个脑子都集中考虑一个问题,如何扭转局势,使之对敌人不利。 I'll turn the tables on yo...

歌曲名:Turn The Tables 歌手:Flaw 专辑:Endangered Species turn the table what you hear's not what you see why do you still believe i'm standing on the roof to see how they make up the truth you did not show that you don't know w...


She turn the tables on mum. 她转败为胜的赢了她的妈妈


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