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Tuesday 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

今天是星期一,明天是星期二 。 I will part with anything for you but you. 为你舍得了全世界,却舍不下你


Today is Monday,today is Monday, 今天是星期一,今天是星期一, Monday washday, 星期一洗衣日, All you hungry brothers,we wish the same to you...

today is monday 中文是什么意思 今天是星期一。


Today is Monday.Now,it's very early.I'm sleep.In the morning is winday. I get up at(...o'clock),but the sun shining now.I go to the library and reading books. In the afternoon,it's cloudy.I go to school study. I think the weath...

Today is Tuesday .Yesterday [ was ] Monday

1:It isn't Monday today . 2:Is Tomorrow sunday ? 3:What's your favorite day of a week ? 4: It is wednesday tomorrow . 5: It's Tuesday today .Tomorrow is _wednesday____. 6: Saturday.

Today is Monday.Wednesday is the day after (tomorrow ) 今天是星期一。后天是星期三。


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