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toDAy is monDAy ( ? ) is tuEsDAy括号中应该填什...

What day is it today



你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . When is your favorite day? What day is it today?

1、would you like to have something to drink 2、today is monday and tomorrow is tuesday 3、a new movie is on show in the cinema today.

这个句子是什么从句是有争议的,不太好确定因为明显主句是一个主系表的结构,所以today is Monday到底是什么从句很难界定,说是宾语从句有些不足,因为主系表的结构已经是一个完整的结构了,平常我们见到的宾语从句都是在谓语动词后边直接接上了...

不知道划线在哪 不过 如果对Monday提问 What is the day today? -It's Monday. 如果对today提问就是 When is Monday? -Today is Monday.

这个好像没有。。。自己试着写吧。 I never thought I could forget you. I never thought I'd be the man I am now. It’s 20 seconds since I left you 'Cause I could never be your lover. I found another girl to mess me around So you do...

Today is Monday.Tomorrow's Tuesday.

翻译为:今天是星期一 第一:句首要大写 第二:星期首字母要大写 应为:Today is Monday. 希望能帮助到你!


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