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专辑:Lasers 歌曲名:Till I Get There 中文名:直到我们到达那里歌手:Lupe Fiasco发行时间;2011年'Til we get there 'Til we get there 'Til we get there [K'naan] Yo we go, from the poorest and blackest of people To survive in the streets of

life's like this that's the way it is cause life's like this that's the way it ischill out watcha yelling' for? lay back it's all been done before i see you when i get there till then life goes on 这个是原话诶.. 你那句翻译是.."再见吧 既然我离开你 依然可以生活得很好"

Album on hold whole world on hold The crowd is "HO!" Operator's like "hold" Man, now ain't that cold? I'm just tryna talk to my homie that's up in a hole Now home girl no tryna be a hoe Even though she on a pole Now can she get a second


till是不是打错啦,是tell吧 Let me tell you how to get there.


情人间的? 大概字面上的 意思是,当在到那里看见了你然后我的生命就继续下去了. 哈哈,翻译错了别怪我

就算生命不断流逝 我也要等到看到你的那天


我看到你,当我到达,然后到生命的推移 白话就这么翻译.我也觉得这句话有点别扭


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