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选A 句子意思是 有你的帮助,毫无疑问我们的计划将成功。 With your help, there is no doubt that 【what our plan is meant for】 will work out successfully. 同位语从句套主语从句 there is no doubt that xxxxx 是同位语从句 【what our p...

为您解答 不正确。 应该是there be句型 There is always a plan B. 总是有第二套计划的


填 disgrees。句意为:有谁不同意由委员会提出的计划吗?


I have studied in senior high school for ...(自己加时间).When I first entered the school gate and saw my new classroom and teachers I thought I would have a new start .The school life is very busy and exciting.Compared with tha...

Here is my plan for my trip.I will visit Hainan with my parents next week.We are going to stay there for a week.We will go there by plane.We will swim in the sea,walk along the beach,eat local food and buy something for my frie...

opposition 反对意见。对于修建一个大型工厂的规划有反对意见。

你好,答案如下:1 What can I do for you 2 Which one do you like 3 What about the room with one single bed 4 How many nights will you stay for 5 Can you tell me your name满意请速速采纳,谢谢合作!

BCAD 1. B 推理判断题。第一段的开头利用这一反一正的对比,幽默性地因入文章的主题。2. C 细节理解题。由文章的第一段的第二句话可知。3. A 细节判断题。由文章的第二段和第四段可知。4. D 推理判断题。由文章的最后一段可知,他对此是充满希...


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