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shE rAughED AnD thE whAlE lit up.shE is my woulD.

man, you need to pay attention to your spelling. But this is funny.I think it supposed to be: She laughed and the world lit up. She is my world. Better yet, use the present tense. She laughs and the world lights up. She is my world.

正确的文章全文:Sang Lan is a former(以前的) member of the national women's She kept on exercising all year round, and was sure that she would stand up. When

I can still remember the first day when I met my best friend.She had just moved into the neighborhood and her grandmother who also lived in the neighborhood brought her

decided; Not far from the hotel ;there was a shop ; hanging up;asked if;strangely;anything; left;started;which read改为it said;If you are a smoker仅供参考

我的同班同学(my classmates)i have many friends in my class. they're lovely and interesting. i would like to introduce some of them. alice is very cute. she's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic.she's always ready to help everyone, but

1. What the most important part of the body is. 2. Yes. 3. Last year. 4. Because it can hold the head of a friend or loved one when they cry. 5. People depended on each other in life and should ca

英语翻译,我的朋友罗海燕,她是我的同桌也是我的室友,我们有着共同的爱好者,喜欢一起去逛街吃东西,一起去玩,喜欢打乒乓球,我很喜欢她 my friend is luhaiyian,she is my destmate and roommate; we have the same hobbies such as ,go shopping,play together,we all like playing table tennis,i like her very much 望采纳,谢



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