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可以啊,比如 i see my girlfriend as a beautiful queen .我把我女朋友看做是美丽的女王。因为前面的girlfriend 是单数的,所以as 后有个 a ,如果前面的girfriend 换成其他复数名词,后面就可以直接接形容词了。

及物动词 vt. 1.看见,看到[W][+(that)][+wh-][O3][O4][O7] He was seen to come out. 有人看见他走出来。 We saw her chatting with her neighbors. 我们看到她在和邻居聊天。 I looked for Mike but couldn't see him in the crowd. 我找过麦克...

把什么当作什么来看 eg.He sees his uncle as his father.

see组成短语: 一、see something coming 料到会有问题;意识到会出麻烦 二、see something in somebody/something看上;看中;觉得…有趣 三、seeing as (how)…informal 再见 四、see through somebody/something看透,识破(某人或事物) 五、seeing ...

see to do是看见了过去的事 see doing是看见现在的事 forget to do是忘记过去做的事 forget doing是忘记要去做的事 stop to do是停止去做 stop doing是停止做 remember to do是记住过去做的事 remember doing是记住要去做的事

see sth for oneself强调目的性,是为了确认某事或达到某目的而进行的; see sth oneself强调“亲自”,是自己去看,可用于突出行为的真实性,比如:She has seen the development of Beijing herself.(显而易见,这里的herself前面不能加for。) ...

see sb back 送某人回去 back在这里做动词 回去的意思 另外还有: 送某人 to see somebody off 送某人出门 see out show sb out show sb the door 送某人回去 see sb back 送某人回家 see sb home 送某人归天 send sb to eternity

可以阿 the + adj 的组合结构可以做宾语 例如 see the opposite 看反面

是see sb do sth 或 see sb doing sth

有的。过去分词作宾语补足语,表示被动的含义。 过去分词作宾语补足语时,句子的谓语动词通常是感观动词,如:see, watch, observe, look at, hear, listen to, feel, notice, think等。 I have never heard the song sung in my school. 我从未...


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