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rEnt housE 翻译

I want to rent a house for a family of three 我想租一套三口之家的房子

第一个如果是动词,应该说:to rent a house; 第二个是应该说:a rented house:rented充当定语,相当于:a house which has been rented 已租的房子 如果要说: 要出租的房子: a house to be rented


He is desperately trying to 【rent a house】 at any price to get his family indoors, hesays, but there's little left on the market. 他拼了命的想租到一间房子,无论是什么样的价位都好。 好让他的家人住进屋里,但几乎已经没有了 Decid...

我的理解: 这是一句从句,是 who 引导的定语从句。 词组:rent out 租出 例句: Frank rented out his gas station. 弗兰克把他的加油站租了出去。 who wants to rent a house out 那些想把房子租出去的人


get a house to rent

It is requested that rent for the house ___should be paid____ in advance. D. should be paid

我租了别人的房子 租出要有out /to 租出[(+to/out)] 例如:I have rented the house out to a very nice family. 我把房子出租给了一户很好的人家。

the house i rent is due


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