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1. really 2. happily 3. quickly 4. sadly 5. well

realty=real estate(RE),其包含 1地 2 固于此地之上之物 3 固于此地之下之物 [吐槽:貌似我们只能感受到第二类] RE就只是这么一个东西,一般分商、宅、工三用途 intangible的“权”为个人所有时,则是一个estate* ----------------------------...


real强调人或事物真实的存在,而不是想像的或虚构的。true 则强调符合事实,是真的,而不是假的,是相符的,而不是编造的。reality用作名词,表示真实性


1.How many _players_ are there in a football team? 2.The boy is really good at drawing. 3.Daniel _usually wears a yellow shirt but today he is in blue. 4.My father and mother are members_of the Swimming Club. 有不会的可以再问我

real 是形容词,意思是真实的、非虚构的、现实的、事实上的、真诚的、正宗的等。

好多啊:really(real, reality), tease, seal, steal, tea, heal, read, bread, ready, head, forehead, bead, dead, freak, jealous, leaf(leaves), leave, meat, meal, neat, pea, peach, sea, seat, teach, weak, yearn 等

小题1:sold小题2:happily小题3:them小题4:stomach小题5:decision小题6:later小题7:truth小题8:really小题9:anything小题10:inside 试题分析:从前有一个人家中有养着一只鸡,并且每天都下两个金蛋,他将他们带到市场上卖了,因此家人的生活很幸...

为你解答。 ,,,,,,,,, Basketball is an American game. A man named James Naismith (1 invent,发明) it in 1891.He wanted to play a game inside in winter.The first (2 real,真正的)game was played . Naismith put up two peach bas...


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