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piCk BACk up 什么意思

pick back up 拾回

what we saw 作主语, 句子少动词, us作宾语。 pick up all our things 作为宾补。 这里可以确认用动词make。之所以用made是为了时态一致,主语从句what we saw用的是一般过去时,动词make也用一般过去时made.

答案A lying躺着的,该处意为“钱包躺在地上”“掉在地上的钱包”,lying分词已转化成形容词,做后置定语。第二空意为“TV set”被“偷”。所以选A。

i'll pick you up one big early,actually the same day back,译为 我会接你一大早,其实是同一天回来 ========================================================= 您好! 您提出的问题,我的答案已经给出,请您浏览一遍! 有什么不懂的地方...

It should be on friday, not in friday...if he meants in "five days" then in is correctly used. pick up mean you going to get it, so, you asked, "When can we get "something" back? I will pick it up on Friday or in five days.


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