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outDAtED now的同义词

out of date,outmoded,old-fashioned,obsolete,past the appointed time,behind the times,Antiquated,out of fashion, 过时的意思

at present

写错一个词,应该是 These figures are now outdated。 now 称作中位状语。中位状语副词的位置有三种: 1、系动词 be 后,如 He is now away (他此刻已经离开了). 2、实义动词前,如 He always like help others (他总是原意帮助他人). 3、助动...

Now the fireworks products, 都是过时的东东啦, 时代在不断地前进, 长江前浪...Eastern friends are outdated, constantly advancing age, the Yangtze River ...


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