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I can see a young girl and an old man.我能看见一个年轻女孩儿和一个老男人。

opening to have to travel is helping excited

固定搭配,让座: offer one's seat to sb. give up one's seat to sb. 用give要用第二句的格式。

offer 是主动提供的意思,而 give 是给的意思,seat 是小女孩让给老人的,所以用offer,而不是把座椅给了老人

The girl pushed at that old man and laughed. 这个女孩用力推了一下那位老人并笑了起来。

这里是固定搭配help sb. do sth.

For 84 days, the old fisherman Santiago has caught nothing. Alone, impoverished, and facing his own mortality, Santiago is now considered unlucky. So Manolin (Santiago’s fishing partner until recently and the young man Santiago...


如果牛津字典上真的是这样写的话,我看主要还是要看用在什么场境中了。你还是把old man译成老人的好。

小题1:B小题1:C小题1:A小题1:B小题1:B 小题1:根据Jack is a twenty-year-old young man.Two years ago,when he finished middle school,20-2=18,故选B,原答案有误。小题1:根据After a quick supper he goes to bed and soon falls asleep ...


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