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oCCur AgAinst什么意思


小题1:on→to 小题2:making→marked 小题3:which→that小题4:up后加with小题5:take→takes 小题1:occur to sb 固定用法,意为某人突然想到小题2:mark与price之间是被动关系小题3:that引导的是同为语从句,从句中不缺成分小题4:team up with sb意为...

英文谚语大全 A bad beginning makes a bad ending. 恶其始者必恶其终。 A bad bush is better than the open field. 有胜于无。 A bad ...

occur, while ‘odds against’ will describe if an event will not occur. ...likelihood是什么意思 possibility和probability有区别么? 68 likely的用法 182...

it never occur to me that who i loved best turned against me at last。


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