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nooDlEs ArE my FAvouritE FooD.是什么意思

noodles are my favorite food

is 变成are,因为noodles是复数

面条。 我爱牛肉面,非常美味。 你最喜欢的食物是什么呀? 祝亲学习进步哦!!望采纳!(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

My favourite food __is___(be) noodles and dumplings 不要受到宾语是复数的诱惑 主谓一致就是说和主语的单数还是复数一致,这里的主语是food,是单数,因此用is

My favorite food is noodles.My favorite fruit are apples.为什么前一个用is后一个用are 分析:因为food是不可数名词,而fruit是可以单复数同形的可数名词


fruit 在这里是集合名词,是复数,所以谓语动词用are;food是不可数名词,永远看成单数,所以用is。

选B. 前句主语为 food ,谓语动词由food决定,不必看 noodles ,所以用is. 后句主语为 noodles ,谓语动词由noodles决定,所以用are.

I am able to enjoy colorful meals and have a lot of kinds of food. However,my favorite food is noodles. Can you believe it? Noodles is simple and easy to cook, but it is nutritious.Every kinds of vegetables and meat, of course,...

What is your favourite food ?


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