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my FAthEr is tAll AnD Strong怎么问

what does your father loke like?

what does your father look like? 应该是这个·搞错了·不好意思··补上

Is she tall and strong? 附:这里是and不是or,意思是:她又高又壮吗? 不是:她高还是壮? 希望可以帮到你。


Kate's teacher is tall and strong. 凯特的老师又高又壮。 对tall and strong提问:What's Kate's teacher like?

What is he like?

He is growing tall and strong. 中growing尽管是系动词,但仍然用现在进行时表示; Playing football makes us grow up tall and strong .中,因为make的意思是“使...”,grow up tall and strong 作宾语补足语时要省略to; He came back happy a...

what's he like?是非常地道的句子,问某人某物某地的概括经常用这种句型。what's Xiamen like? Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city.

你好! Tao Ming is tall and strong yes He is c 陶明又高又强壮,是的,他是C。

is错了 应该是are


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