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mAkE it+ADj.+to Do sth.

make it +adj+to do是正确的,是使得做某事怎么样的意思,没有doing的结构. 比如有:make it easy to find make it clear to see

使得做某事....样。比如:The Internet makes it easy to communicate with each other.互联网使得彼此间交流很容易。

就是 做+形容词+TO DO 某事

It's difficult to learn English well

You make it impossible for me to do the right thing.

Reviewing progress regularly makes it easier to pass exams.

让它(修饰it的形容词)去做这件事 注意adj是用来修饰it而不是sth,比如让它高兴地去做这件事

It's fun to play football with friends. It's funny to read comic books. It's boring to do homework all day. It's good to wake up early. It's bad to stay up late. It's important to read the news every day. It's cold to make snow...

You should make your speech easy to understand. He doesn't know how to make the candy esay to break. Please make your questions easy to answer.

当复合宾语中的宾语是不定式、动名词或宾语从句时,往往把宾语放在它的补足语后面,而用it 作形式宾语,放在宾语补足语之前。词类的句型结构有?: 主语 + believe, consider, count, feel, find, imagine, think, make, suppose, take, etc. + ...


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