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I'll go to chiju because many Korean TV series were filmed in there and i like watching Korean TVseries. I often eat breakfast in class

小题1:C小题1:D小题1:C小题1:D 略

BJP [词典][医][=Bence Jones protein] 本周(氏)蛋白,凝溶蛋白; [网络] 印度人民党; 人民党; 印人党; [例句]The main opposition party, the BJP, which enjoys the support of millions of stallholders, is doing its best to whip up ange...

valkyrie (lioleia mix) 歌手abingdon boys school 专辑[abingdon road] http://www.51t.com/ting/0801e2f8/57a76971/


水树奈奈---rush and dash

With the "Korean wave" coming in, Korean TV shows ,like movies and entertainment programs,have won the Chinese audience.The young even more ...

Korean TV dramas in China hit show its unique charm. This paper describes the factors, actors, audio-visual elements and details of several ...


C 试题分析:care for关心,照顾;hear about听说,得知;think of记起,想起,认为。句意:你认为这部韩国电视剧“来自星星的你”怎么样?——相当不错。它收到很多人的欢迎。结合语境可知选C。


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