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it is EAsiEr to

首先:In the past ,it was easy to achieve success with help from one’s family 然后:nowadays, it is much easier to achieve success with help from one’s family (than what is like before) 也就是,以前靠家庭容易让人成功,更容易让...

it是形式主语,代替后面的to go on wasting time 也就是 ... the easier [to go on wasting time] is. 翻译可以是:你浪费的时间越多, 就越容易继续浪费下去。 (就像有惯性一样)

这是更容易走下坡比爬上坡,所以它是容易落入坏习惯比形成良好环境。 坏习惯不突然来临。他们来了,渐渐地,人们不注意他们的危险。学校的孩子们首先拿起小坏习惯在学校还是在街道上。当他们都不能做的他们的练习中,他们把从他们的同班同学。如果他...

It doesn't matter how many times you fall. what matters is how many times you stand up,shake it off and moving forward -- Unknown. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -confucius(孔子).

可以。如 And doing so is often easier and quicker from behind a computer screen than ina busy high street or shopping mall. 而在电脑屏幕之前购物,通常要比在繁忙的商业街或购物中心采购更为轻松和快捷。

it's easier to say than do 这是说的容易做的难。 than 前后比较的对象,动作需一致,相同的部分可省略。所以 to do 省略与 to say 相同的to 为:do

是to do 根据前面的to say可知 即 It's easier to say than to do.

http://smartmm.blog.sohu.com/131820752.html Nowadays, the society is more competitive than before, so people may put more effort in order to succeed. As a result, many people think that it is easier to succeed in the past. Howe...

下山容易上山难。 意思是进步和相好的发展不容易,而退步,向坏的方向发展更容易。



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