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1. in approval 用某种方式表示赞许 As he stood up, okay, the crowd thought he looked majestic and roared in pproval.他站了起来,好极了,人们觉得他看起来很伟大并对他高声称赞起来.2 批准;认可;They voiced their approval of the plan. 他们对这项计划表示赞成.没有这个词组 in approval of

certificate of approval 对企业来说是“批准证书”;对电影业是“审核证书”

support of是指支持什么的,其中support是名词support for是支持什么 support是动词

in case of non approval在没有被批准的情况下payment in advance is required需预先付费 Payment conditions are subject to approval by our customer credit insurance.In case of non approval,payment in advance is required.付款方式由我们客户的信贷保险决定.如果他们拒保,那么需要预先支付款项.

on approval adj. 供应用的(包换的)试用商品试销例句:Goods sent on approval must be paid for at the time of ordering, but if goods are returned within7 days customers will get their money back in full. 商店送出供试用的货物在订购时必须付款,但顾客如在七天之内退货,就可将原款全部收回.

be in charge of 是主动的,指对有掌控权,负责某事的意思.be in the charge of 是被动的,指被控制/支配/管理.be in charge of 负责;掌理双语例句 1.To ensure consistency (and finality) in decisions and direction, as well as rapid and clear

no car无车的双语例句1No car can be used before approval of requisition except in emergencysituation.除紧急情况下,所有车辆在未经批准的情况下不允许使用.2No car or commercial jet could now be built with inputs from just onecountry.如今没有一辆汽车或一架商务飞机只用来自一个国家的零部件就能生产出来.

一、quality for 有资格做某事短语quality supervision for approval 评价型质量监督 ; 全面质量管理quality Engineer for Assembly 装配质量工程师例句Therefore the rising costs will serve to guide and regulate online merchants toimprove their service

学校名称.就是educational institution的意思


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