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ignorance 英[gnrns]美[nrns]n. 无知,愚昧; 蒙;[网络] 不知; 漠视; 愚昧无知;[例句]I am embarrassed by my complete ignorance of history.我对历史一无所知,这让我很难堪.

1 - "In consumer behaviour studies, the blissful ignorance effect is when people who have good information about a product are not expected to be as happy with the product than people who have less information about it.This happens because the person

group ignorance 忽视群体the tendency of individuals in the presence of others to interpret a situation as less dangerous than if he or she were facing it alone.不顾他人的存在,而认为独自面对会更好的倾向

有忽视的意思 原形为ignore 是及物动词



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