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Who Am I-Casting CrownsWho am I, that the Lord of all the earthWould care to know my name,Would care to feel my hurt?Who am I, that the Bright and Morning StarWould choose to light the wayFor my ever wandering heart?Not because of who I

就看第一句就错了.because+句子because of+名词你这不看because of ,后面是teenagers are the future of the motherland and the hope of nation .这里有谓语动词,那就是句子了呀

I'm done…是一个美语口语用法 表示我受够了 你看done不就是结束了的意思么I'm done here 我受够了我要走了i'm done with you 我受够你了 我们就此结束了 I'm done waiting for you 即表示 我受够苦苦等待你

immediately,使用副词形式来修饰动词deal.翻译:经理已经承诺他会立即处理这个问题.working.look forward to 期望,后面接动词ing形式.翻译:我们我们期望将来能和你一起工作.这里的have 用错了,应该是are.communicat

Here for You在你身边Ozzy OsbourneI remember all the good times我还记得那些美好时光Sometimes I'd wonder would it last有时我会想它们是否能永久I used to dream about the future我曾常常梦想未来But now the future is the past但如今未来

now, people are getting richer and richer. let's think, what will the life be like in the future?in the future, we won't have to change many clothes every day. we will wear a kind of special clothes. we can be warm when we feel cold and be cool when we

Done With Love - Zedd Baby, if you're done with love 宝贝,你是否为爱做了一些事情Who's gonna hold you tonight 今夜你将会和谁在一起Are you done with love so they can't hurt you tomorrow 你如果为爱的去做一件事 明天他们不可能会伤害你

Every time I see your smile it makes my heart beat fast.And though it's much too soon to tell I'm hoping this will last.'Cause I just always wanna have you right here by my side.The future's near, but never certain.At least stay here for just tonight.I must

bryan adams - here i am here i am - this is me 我在这里,这就是我 there's no where else on earth i'd rather be 我就在这个地球上 here i am - it's just me and you 我在这里,这里有你和我 and tonight we make our dreams come true 今晚我们一起实



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