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hErE is英文什么意思

here is = 这里是/这里有 例句: Here is a ticket.= 这里有一张票. Here is my homework.= 我的作业在这儿. 希望能帮到你,满意请采纳,欢迎追问。

here is it意思就是“它在这儿呢”. 在实际运用中,常用于类似找零钱的场景中,表示“给你”的意思. here it is的用法比较多,如: 1. 表示要把某物递给某人,意为:给你;拿去吧;这就是你要的东西.如: A:May I have a look at it? 我可以看看吗? B:...


英语:here it is 翻译:给你 例句:One of my areas of research was law in the Third Reich, and here it is particularlyobvious how the past and present come together in a single reality. 我研究的其中一个领域就是第三帝国的法律,这...


这里是 的意思, is 或者are是单复数的意思

here is the scoop 这是独家新闻 双语例句 1 If you are considering relocating to Key Largo, here is the scoop on it. 如果您正在考虑迁移到基拉戈,这里是它的独家新闻。


I am He She is you they are

is autumm golden? 秋天是金色的吗? Yes, it's.


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