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help to do sth 就是帮助做某事.比如: I heip to do the housework. 我帮着做家务. help doing sth 通常用于 can't help doing sth. 意思是禁不住做某事 比如: I can't help eating more.我禁不住吃很多.

1. It helps me to know that other women have the same problems as I do. 这帮我了解到其他妇女也有和我一样的问题。” 2. It is also argued that schools need to turn out pupils ready for the world of work, and that work experience h...

be helped to do something 被帮忙做某些事 be helping to do something 正在帮忙做某些事 看哪一个比较符合你的句子吧

1. help to do sth. 意为“帮助做某事”。 Could you help to open the window? 你能帮忙打开窗子吗? 2. help sb to do sth. 意为“帮助某人做某事”,其中,不定式符号to可以省略。 He often helps me to study English. / He often helps me stud...

He appealed to me to help him. (He appealed to me for help.) 他向我求援。


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