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held up英 [held p] 美 [hld p] v.停车( hold-up的过去式和过去分词 );停顿;停止;支持;举起


停车( hold-up的过去式和过去分词 );停顿;停止;支持 英 [held p] 美 [hld p] 例句:I held up one finger to check him. 我竖起一根手指头制止了他.Two masked men held up a mail van. 两个戴面具的人拦路抢劫了一辆邮车.Traffic was

hold up (hold-held-held) :to remain strong and working effectively 支持住;承受住;支撑得住

v. 拿着;控制;容纳;握住;持有;保持;掌握;认为;举行.是动词hold的过去式和过去分词形式.例句 用作动词 (v.) I want you to stand beside me and hold the torch.我要你拿着手电筒站在我旁边.用作名词 (n.) His hold on her arm

held是hold的过去式和过去分词.hold美音:[hold]英音:[huld]及物动词 vt. 1.握着;抓住;夹住He held a knife in his hand. 他手里握着一把刀. 2.托住;支承The roof was held up by pillars. 屋顶由柱子支撑着. 3.使保持某种姿态等[O]She held

held up基本翻译vt. 举起(提出,支持)网络释义held-up:敲竹杠

hold up基本翻译vt. 举起(提出,抓举,支持住,阻挡)网络释义hold up:举起|抢劫|阻挡hold-up:强盗列车|敲竹杠|保持c) hold up:举起,阻挡,使停止|抢劫

hold up 英[huld p] 美[hold p] [词典] 举起; 支撑; 耽搁; 持械抢劫; [例句]She held up her hand stiffly她直挺挺地举着手.

held [held] v. 握住(hold的过去分词)hold [hld] n. 控制;保留vi. 支持;有效;持续vt. 持有;拥有;保存;拘留;约束或控制hold /hld/ CET4 (holding,held,holds)1.V-T When you hold something, you carry or support it, using your hands or


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