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hE hElpFul At homE?A.CAn B.ArE C.is选哪一个

C He is helpful at home . helpful 形容词 He 单三

A an B many C much D little A选项为什么不对...We are we have some homework. But we can ...he Rnocked we laugh up our sleeve at he ...

3.We must work as___as we can ___the exam...6.The books he has read are hardly helpful,__...A.about;at B.of;that C.of;in D.about;with...

一.词汇:(10分) A.根据释义,拼写单词。(5分) 1._____ costing a lot of money x, p, s, i, e, e, e, n, v 2._____ a cut ...


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