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gona一般出现在歌曲或者诗歌当中,其为go to的缩写。 即I'm go to die,god.I'm go to die.意思为 我要死了,上帝埃我快要死了!

"When You Know You're Gonna Die" and "Dimensions", two new Arcade Fire songs you likely will only get to hear in the film Her. 歌手的脸书上写的。。。

Die Young-Ke$ha I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums 我听到你的心像低音鼓一样砰砰响起 Oh what a shame that you came here ...




We are gonna die.You are gonna die.I am gonna die.We all gonna die.But it just not today!

if you can't stand the heart,you're probably gonna die here 如果你不能忍受,你可能会死在这里

歌曲名:We'Re All Gonna Die 歌手:Slash 专辑:Slash The candle thieves - We're All Gonna Die(Have Fun) LYC by concurrence @1241244Q There was a time in my life I couldn't look at the sky A time so dark I couldn't see any light The...


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