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gEtting stArtED是什么意思

getting started 入门指南;准备开始 双语例句 1. See the Getting started section in Part 1 of this series to prepare for this part. 请参阅本系列第 1 部分中的 开始 一节为这一部分做准备。 2. Getting started with an implementation i...

翻译: Getting Started:正在开始(启动) 例句:1.Getting started with microformats is easy. 开始使用微格式非常简单。2.So getting started was hard for mr ma. 所以对于马云来说,起步是艰难的。

getting started .如何开始 Getting Started .生命的开始 Getting started .导读

get started 表示“开始”,含“被启动”之意, 相当于被动语态 be started. “get start",英语中没有这样的短语,但有一个“get a start", 表示“吃了一惊”。 getting started 只是getting started的ing形式而已,比如在现在进行时态中就使用getting ...

getting started with weblogic werver 10.3.3 开始使用WebLogic服务器10.3.3 双语对照 例句: 1. Some booms started with liberalisation. 有时自由主义会带来繁荣。 2. Some booms started with technological innovation. 技术创新也可能导致...

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