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gEt your hAnDs on是什么意思

get one's hands on 弄到..., 获得... 抓到... 揍..., 打... get oneself in hand 控制[掌握]自己 get sb. under hand 制服某人 get sth. off one's hands 摆脱某事; 卸除某事的责任 get the hands [美口]博得热烈的掌声

你好。get your hands on翻译成中文是:得到你的手上的。 ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

get one's hands on 得到,找到,占有 例句: They all want to get their hands on the old man's money. 他们三个都想占有老先生的钱。

get one's hands on v. 把 ... 弄到手; 占有 例句 1.For instance, somebody sells on the net epistolary, you want to receive a love letter, after paying, can get what he writes with one's own hands is epistolary. 比如,有人在网上...

get my hands on 与……一起工作(俗语) 例句: I literally read everything I could get my hands on. 我很认真的去读我身边所能得到的有关信息。 希望能帮助到你,望采纳!!!


on 是介词后面应该跟宾语,应该是 put one's hands on sth.,意思是 “把你的双手放在 ... 上”。


lay hands on v.得到,攻击,找到 [例句]The government offers them all kinds of welfare , but because they lack an identity , they struggle to lay hands on what they have been promised. 政府给穷人提供各种福利,但是也因为没有身份...

to move on the hands and knees 的on是什么意思啊 1 手和膝盖 he tried again and again , and then contented himself with crawling about on hands and knees .他试了又试,后来只好用手和膝盖爬来爬去。 2 用手脚 the hole was so small th...


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