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gEt A gooD imprEssion oF sB

give a good impression to sb = give sb a good impression = make/leave/have a good impression on sb 给某人留下一个好印象

on后加人 ;of后加印象的方面


I am told that he had a really good impression of me in the last interview.

make a good impression on 给某人留下好的映象.这是个固定词组(习语),英语中就是这么用的,on 这里不能被别介词替代,不然就不地道了!望对你有帮助!

前者,给某人的第一印象.例如,Leave a good first impression on your boss.给老板留下好的第一印象.后者,某人给人的第一印象.例如,The first impression of my boss is that he is strict.老板给我的第一印象是他很严肃.

She impressed him.Get favor of sb.win sb's favor

It is extremely important that people have a good first impression of you. We all get a first impression of a new person that creates a mental image of his or her personality in our minds. There are some important things to remember that will help you

题句的意思是:中国在抗流感以认真、流畅的组织而赢得好名声.have a good reputation具有好名声 ,声誉良好have an influence on对有影响have an impression on sth对有印象have knowledge of 有知识

first impression is always the most important thing when you meet a stranger.it takes just a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to understand you when you meet for the first time. in this short time, the other person forms an opinion


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