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FuCking Dog s的歌词

Ladies and gentlemen!Introducing the Chocolate Starfish!and the Hotdog Flavored WaterBring it on!Get the fuck up!Yeah!Check, one, twoListen up, listen up!Here we goIt's a fucked up worldA fucked up placeEverybody's judged by their fucked up

girl friend 艾薇儿 I'm the mother fucking princess 我是母亲该死的公主 I can tell you like me too 我可以告诉你你也喜欢我 And you know I'm right 而且你知道我是对的 She's like so whatever 她看起来如此一般 You can do so much better 你可以找到

intro]let′s do it again uh let′s do it again i said let′s do it again bigbang let′s do it again let′s do it again likesol] crazy dog everybody in the place go ho~ everybody in the place

你好!我知道了 ,你绝对说的是. Michael Jackson(迈克尔 杰克逊) 的 YOU ARE NOT ALONE,打字不易,采纳哦!

搜一下:一首英文歌有一句歌词是fucking fucking fucking know 是一个男生唱的,听

Gym Class Heroes 的歌吧

#thatpower(feat. justin bieber)-will.i.am and on, i'm alive, i'm alive, i'm alive哦,我重获新生,重获新生,重获新生and on, i can fly, i can fly, i can fly哦,我展翅高飞,展翅高飞,展翅高飞and on, i'm alive, i'm alive, i'm alive哦,我重获新生,重获新

歌曲名:A Dog's Life歌手:nina nastasia专辑:DogsA Dog's LifeBy Nina NastasiaI had a dream about a dogI was walkingIn an amusement parkWith people all around meWe rode the roller coaster ridesAnd he was laughing as weJumped in the

歌名:fucking perfectMade a wrong turnOnce or twiceDug my way outBlood and fireBad decisionsThat's alrightWelcome to my silly lifeMistreated this placeMisunderstoodMiss knowing it's all goodIt didnt slow me down.MistakingAlways second

歌曲: AK47 Westside in this motherfucker (die motherfucker die!) Cause it's Westside in this motherfucker! (yeah nigga, yeah, yeah) You didn't ever give a fuck, now I don't really give a fuck You and your new nigga in that black truck I can't believe


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