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favorite [5feivErit] n. 特别喜欢的人(或物), 喜欢的事物, 亲信, 心腹, 幸运儿 adj. 喜爱的, 宠爱的, 中意的 还有一种说法是:favourite favourite [5feivErit] adj. 特别喜爱的, 中意的 n. 特别喜爱的(或物)



My favorite month is January.Because I can do a lot of things in January.I can play in January.January is beautiful,it's white.I like white.I can play with snow.I can make snowmen,too.I don't like hot weather,and January is col...

Basketball is my favorite sport. When I was young, my father taught me how to play basketball. From then on, I was interested in playing basketball. Now I am a mumber of our school basketball team. I often play baskteball for a...

应该是ESPRIT,服装服饰,一般价格在三百多到一千多,以休闲为主,男女装都有,各商场都有卖。 不过感觉性价比不高,质量不好,洗过一次就很没样子了

I like singing and I think the most important for a good singer is to let us know what she wants to say in her music. My favorite singer is Hanhong. She is not beautiful and she is fat, but she has a good voice and I am moved b...

People said“The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring.”Spring is a very wonderful season.It’s the morning of the day.It's warmer than winter,cooler than summer and more energetic than autumn.In spring,leaves turn ...


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