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DuE timE可不可以表示借期

due time这个词就是这么用的,名词作时间状语。due是形容词,放在time前表示“截止时间”。 例句:The list can also be sorted by priority, start date, and due time. 没有datedue这个说法,要说due date,同理。

due KK: [] DJ: [] a. 1. 应支付的;欠款的;欠的[F][(+to)] That money is due to me, but I haven't got it yet. 那笔钱是应付给我的,而我至今还未拿到。 2. 应有的,正当的,合适的[B] He handled it with due care. 他以应有的小心处理这事。 3....

Due to the limitation of time, I was not able to prepared as well as the others did.

如果是你明确交晚了,那肯定会对最后分数有影响,不过也要看教授是不是宽容,更主要的是这个占最后成绩的多少百分比。像我们教授是明确说 do not accept the late assignment.所以这个也因人而异,实在担心就发个邮件给教授说明一下

由于TCP连接超时,代理服务器未能连接Web服务器。 百度嫌我字数不够

shortly after 在……之后不久 in due time 及时地, 适时地, 按时地


救护车及时赶到了那座倒塌的大厦。 The shipment of the goods will arrive at your port in due time.货物将准时运到贵港。 In due time the eggs hatched and the worms began spinning their cocoons - but these cocoons included not just ...


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