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‘不告诉你’Donottellyou少了间隔,正确写法是Do not tell you 应该有标点的,通常是‘。’如果是书面用语,,建议你注意间隔和标点,不然要扣分的。

Avril Lavigne 应该是这歌把...= =LZ给的已知太少了... 歌词如下——自己瞅好了...= = Dont Tell Me You held my hand and walked me home, I know Why you gave me the kiss, it was something like this, it made me go oh oh You wiped my tear...

请告诉我我能为你做点什么,给你打电话? 请告诉我,我打能电话给你做些什么 语序有误,应该是:Please tell me what i can do calling you

That’s Why You Go AwayBaby won’t you tell me why there is sadness in your eyes I don’t wanna say goodbye to you Love is one big illusion I should try to forget but there is something left in my head You’re the one who set it up...

你告诉我你是否需要我。。。如果我来了而你却没有碰到我。。。 希望对你有用

Get doen with me 的歌词

l want to tell you i love you but i dont have power 我想告诉你我爱你,但我无能为力 双语对照 例句: 1. But I have to tell you, you don't behave now! 但我得告诉你你现在就疯疯癫癫的了! 2. I just want you to know I love you. 我只是...

歌曲名:Burn For You 歌手:Arlene Phillips Hot Gossip 专辑:Geisha Boys And Temple Girls ------------------------------------------ John Farnham - Burn For You I got myself into some trouble tonight Guess I'm just feeling blue It'...



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