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废除“Don't ask, don't tell”这条法案 这个法案是为回避美国军队中同性恋的敏感话题,1993年,时任美国总统的克林顿定下了一条"Don't ask, don't tell",“不许问,不许说”的规定,禁止军中谈论这一话题,更不许相关的人员主动公开自己的身份

为了回避美国军队中同性恋的敏感话题,1993年,时任美国总统的克林顿定下了一条"Don't ask, don't tell",“不许问,不许说”的规定,禁止军中谈论这一话题,更不许相关的人员主动公开自己的身份


Avril Lavigne 应该是这歌把...= =LZ给的已知太少了... 歌词如下——自己瞅好了...= = Dont Tell Me You held my hand and walked me home, I know Why you gave me the kiss, it was something like this, it made me go oh oh You wiped my tear...

you held my hand and walked me home, I know 你拉着我的手带我回家 Why you gave me the kiss, 我知道为什么你会给我深情的一吻 it was something like this, 就像这样 you made me go, o o 你让我陶醉 You wiped my tears got rid of all my ...


elize -No Good To Me http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=3081950521&uk=1026885440

不要问,不要说 呵呵 不知道后面是不是还有:一切尽在不言中

Please don't tell Sally. 请不要告诉莎莉。 如有疑问,请追问!

Everything in the World 演唱:曲婉婷 How many times you asked yourself before What’s the point wasting time But how many times you stand up for yourself Make a point you have a reason You know it’s not fair Your life belongs to...


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