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DiFFErEnCEs BEtwEEn mEn AnD womEn in thE soCiEty?

Men and women are considerably different. Generally speaking, women tend to be more emotional. Men are physically stronger than women Men and women are different inside and out. Men have one thing on their mind. Men complain th...

Nowadays, the concept "men and women are equal" is accepted and practised by more and more people all around the world. Take Chinese women for example. In the past, we tended to consider them as nothing else but full-time house...


To be a harmonious family,men and women have different duty and they choose different way to make the family happy.At first, women are evry important in the family .modern women not only become family women but also have themse...


B 考查连词。But,但是,表转折;while 然而,表前后对比;because因为,引导原因状语从句;though尽管,表让步。句意:在云南一些地方,妇女们被期望进入社会挣钱而男人在家抚养孩子。表前后对比,所以选B。


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