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back at one 很好听啊~~专集名称:back at one and more歌手:brian mcknight黑人歌手back at oneit's undeniable that we should be togetherit's unbelievable, how i use to say that i'd fall neverthe basis is need to knowif you don't know just how i

歌曲已发送,请留意查收.请对照歌词:All Time Low - Come One, Come AllCome one, come allYou're just in timeTo witness my first breakdownCause there's a mile goneFor every minute passedWhen I'm stuck in this townI've got a bone to pick

Hey youTokioHotel NoiseTokioHotel开头都有Come on

International Love(feat. Chris Brown) - PitbullWent from Mr. 305' Dade County' to Mr. Worldwide' all around the world Now we're International' so international' international' so international' You can't catch me' boy (can't catch me' boy)I'm overseas

Throwing Stones - Paloalto This locked door Is pushed open That shining lights the side of you We may share Pulling has I feel I m long beside myself That music No mistake I m far away to start to making me conscience Don t wanna be here

We're All In This Together ,歌舞青春里的,不知道是不是这首,希望可以帮到你Together together together everyoneTogether together come on lets have some funTogether were there for each other every timeTogether together come on lets do

★★★★★楼主你好!!只选对的,不选多的,本人自己觉得最好听的歌,楼主一定要听听啊!极力推荐 (((天赖之音))) i'm gonna getcha good!--shania twain <一定要听这首哦> never had a dream come true--s club 7 最近开始听这首歌的,太好听

Read All About It, Pt. IIIEmeli Sandé

wig wam - in my dreamsCome on, come on, come on Love is all over me Over me I don`t know if this is what it seems Is it real or just a fantasy Aim to please is all you ever do Making all my fairytales come true Come on, come on, come on Love is


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