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BWO的歌曲-wE CoulD BE hEroEs歌词翻译

歌手:BWO,发行时间:2014-09-16 流派:电子 发行公司:环球唱片 歌词: 带我去我曾经驶过的那条路 远离小镇上的阴谋 远离颠簸路面上的的鹅卵石 去往大银幕上生活 生命中的回忆渐渐被遗忘 当黑暗由四周袭来将我包围 风雨过后我看清 神奇终于可...

Alesso ft. Tove Lo - Heroes

歌曲名:We Could Be Heroes 歌手:Bwo 专辑:Halcyon Days We Could Be Heroes bwo Pandemonium - The Singles Collection Bwo - We Could Be Heroes Lyrics Take me to the roads where I used to drive Away from small town schemes Cobbleston...

应该是we could be heroes吧? 《we could be heroes》BWO歌曲 We could be heroes We could be angels in the sky From the rainbow’s end to heavensent We spread our wings and fly We could be heroes We could be lovers you and I And wh...


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