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WhAt _____you _____(Do)AFtEr you _____(lEAvE)hE...

D 此题容易误选B。What do you do? 所问的不是经常“做什么”,而是在询问对方的“职业”,它相当于What’s your job? 因此正确答案为D。 注意:以下句型的意思:What is he? (用来询问职业)他是干什么的?What does he do? (= What’s his job? ) (...

were...doing was watching was walking ,,, met bought shouted called was working teaching were ,,,doing 正解

应该是,"What are you doing?" he asked. "I am leaving,Tom" I answered. 引号内为直接引语,要用现在进行时。

1.What can you do_(do)? What are___(be)you _doing_(do)? 2.(do) Does your brother have a big tent? Yes,he does_(do) 3.let's go_(go)and join_her (she) 4.I‘m sorry.I forget__to tell__(tell)you

A 考查动词。believe 相信某人的话;believe in信任,信仰。句意:——你信他所说的话么?——是的,依我看,他很诚实我们都信任他。

what do you (think )he will be like in the future 你认为你将来会如何? 去掉插入语do you think就是What will you be like in the future?你将来会如何?

C 答句中描述的是外形特征,所以用固定句型What is+人+like?

18、dinne 用餐 19.arrive到达 20.题目不完整哦。

A like doing sth 喜欢干某事(表兴趣,爱好) like to do sth 表示具体某一次想做某事 ========如有疑问,马上追问!祝学习进步========



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