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ThErE is A housE in thE ForEst他的中文翻译


The Sports Meeting in the Forest 森林运动会 There are many animals in the forest. Today is a fine day. Animals are having a sport meeting. 森林里有很多动物,今天是一个晴朗的日子,动物们正在举行运动会。 Monkey, Fox, Panda, Rabbi...

In November 1979, pupils in England were able to watch a new TV program called Money.在1979年的11月份,在英国的小学生能够看一部叫做猴子的电视节目。 Most of them were hearing this story for the first time.他们当中大多数人是第一...

Must be shock, he told himself. After all

你好!为你手工翻译如下,尽量忠实于原文: Once upon a time there was a castle in the forest. The king and the queen didn't like a little princess in the castle, so they made her live in the very top of the castle with her little...


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