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SummEr holiDAy英语作文

my summer holiday:It is a good time for everybody to relax in holidays.I of course do to.In every holiday,I always “work hard,have fun”first,finishing all the homework and

In every year the end of June, it is the beginning of my precious summer holiday. Last summer, I had a great holiday. Firstly, I spent only a week to finish all my summer homework. Then I have still almost two months to do anything I wanted. Actually,

I had a good time last summer holiday.I finished my homework and then I went to Shanghai, a big city of China. I stayed there for about 5 days. After that, Iwent to visit my relatives in Suzhou. Suzhou is a very beautiful city. I visited the gardens in

My Summer HolidayMy summer holiday was great this year. I went to a lot of fun places, and I had fun with my family and friends. Some of the places I visited were really

MY holidayI was busy enough!First,I had to do my homework ,It took me 3 days.But I 我爱北京!我爱奥林匹克!我爱中国!My summer holiday I have two months summer

My summer holiday is coming to the end .I have spent a happy summer holiday .During the holiday ,we went to Dalian for a visit ,there I saw the beautiful sea ,it was really

假期生活英语作文带翻译: This summer,转眼快要开学了,大家都在假期中玩的愉快吗,英语网小编整理了关于假期生活英语作文带翻译以供各位同学参考和阅读,希望

My Summer HolidayI have been very happy during this summer holiday.My friends and I went to summer camp together.During the summer camp,I went to see the Daming

My summer holiday started from July.In July,I always stay at home,reading books and watching TV.I borrowed some books from the library of the city.They are about English

My Summer Holiday Summer holiday is from July to August . It ' s a long time for me to do all kinds of things . I like visiting some places of interest . And I like travelling by train . It takes me too much time , but it saves money . Sometimes I stay at home


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