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SinCE thE wEAthEr is FinEwE ____wAlk For A whilE.


The weather is different in different parts of the world.In some places it is dry,and in others it is humid.If the weather is too dry,the land will not be(1 bad) for animals or plants.In humid weather

Not all people like to work but everyone likes to play. All over the world men and and lakes across the country. The weather is also good for swimming.( ) 1. A. music B.


summer is coming.the weather is hotter the sun is stronger夏天将来临,天气会变得更热,阳光也更强.

d 随着日子的推移,天气越来越坏.如果用with ,则是 with the days going on

the difference in sth.between A and B固定搭配.表示A与B 在某方面的差别,只能用in希望帮到楼主

第二道选A ,解释 因为天气好,所以我们将出去旅游第一道选B吧,不太确定,解释:因为你去过英格兰,请告诉我们你做了什么,看到了什么



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