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RulEs in thE rEADing roomHEllo, EvEryonE. WElCo...

小题1:B 小题2:B 小题3:A 小题4:D 小题5:C 试题分析:这篇短文主要介绍了一个阅览室的几项规定.小题1:根据The reading room is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 计算可知,阅览室每天开放九个小时,故选B.小题2:根据第二四条规定,

the rules of our library There are many rules in our school library .We must obey these rules when we are in the library .We must keep quiet when we are reading books in the

有两处错误,具体分析如下:1.正确 Hello,everyone. 呼语2.正确 The bus is leaving in a few minute. in a few minute 表示将来的“几分钟后”,趋向动词的进行时态

One day I was reading at the school's reading room.My classsmates Tim and Jim came to the reading room.They talked and laughed too loudly.Such a quiet was broken by

Ball of 所有的所有的教室都满了.

答案:41.D.get some information (信息) 42.A.what the passages are about 43.A.every day44.B.more pages 45.D.the amusements page

Hello,everyone.I am lihua.today,I am a very cheerful person,like to make friends,like read a book,welcome you and make friends with me,in life and I'll do my ability to help you.



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